GHESS 5.2_7.2KWH Energy Storage System



①Powervortex 5200 hybrid inverter

The inverter converts the DC power produced by PV modules into AC power. The electricity is then primarily used by the loads, then being charged into the battery packs, only excess power is fed into the utility grid.

In combination with the batteries, this  hybrid inverter help maximize the PV self-use in the household.  


②7.2kWh Lithium battery packs

Lithium battery system stores the energy generated from solar energy and increases self-use from 30 % to 70 % , 2.4kWh battery modular design, 4 modules of 7.2kWh in the standard system.


③ADL100-E/C energy meter with CT

Adopt the 1-phase bi-directional energy meter for communication, and hybrid inverter controls when to charge / discharge according to the data from the meter.

Hybrid InverterPowervortex 5200
PV Input
Max.Input Power [W]5200
Max. DC Voltage [V]580
MPPT Voltage Range [V]125~550
MPP Tracke2

Max. Input Current [A]

Battery Charging / Discharging
Rated Power

3000W (charging) / 3840W (discharging)

Operation voltage range

40-60 V

Max. charging current 

Max. discharging current

80 A

Charging / Discharging Efficiency 

93 % / 93 %
AC Output
Output Power (W) 5000
Output voltage range (On-grid)180 V-264 V

Output voltage range (Off-grid)

230 Vac±2 %, 50 Hz±2 %

AC nominal current

23.8 A

Power Outages 

Auto-switching to backup power after approx. 5 sec.

Other Parameters

IP Protection Class

IP20 (Indoor) 

Noise [dB]< 45

Dimension (W * H * D) [mm]

550 * 610 * 192 

Weight [kg]


DC Switch


CoolingForced air cooling 
Battery Packs7.2kWh Lithium-ion Battery (Lead-acid optional)

Battery Capacity 

2.4 kWh battery module, standard 7.2 kWh with 3 modules (capacity extendable)

Module Usable Capacity 

2.0 kWh

Module Weight

35 kg

Cabinet Dimension (WxHxD) [mm]

2* (570 * 600 *312)


AS / NZS4777(AUS) / IEC62109


Energy management unit integrated / LCD display / RS485 communicatio

Warranty 5-year standard, 7-year extendable
Operating Temperature Range0 °C to +45 °C