Global Mainstream Dynamic Energy Technology Ltd.

About GMDE

Global Mainstream Dynamic Energy Technology Ltd. (GMDE) mainly focuses on the development, manufacture and sales of high-efficient, cost-effective and differential energy storage inverters. We strive to provide highly reliable and efficient green energy solution worldwide, maximizing the value for our customers.

GMDE is committed to be top 5 players in this industry.

Our quality control program ensures that each product is produced according to exact specifications and is thoroughly tested. In total, 136 different tests will be conducted for a finalized product. 





GMDE is backed up with an elite R&D team with rich practical experience, high vocational quality and enterprising morality. Facing the future, every member of the team will receive the GMDE spirits of ethical, excellence, respect, rapid response, innovation and perseverance. We highlight teamwork, respect the partners, and make efforts together to build GMDE into a world inverter power supply brand of high technology and creativity. We strive to provide our customers high reliable and efficient green energy solutions.

More than 80% of the team members used to work in some world fortune 500 companies. Thus, they all have a high level of expertise. Among them, 62% have a master or above degree.

Besides, the R&D team members are also rich in experience. 90% of them have an above 5 years' working experience, half of them have worked in related industries for above 10 years.

Some of them also have an experience of study overseas. All this data together draw a blueprint that the GMDE will ascend to the forefront of the PV industry and hold the high ground in the long term.



GMDE Products

The inverter is, in terms of technology, one of the most important components in any solar power system: it converts the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into alternating current, which is compatible with the grid. It is also an intelligent system manager capable of yield monitoring and grid management for the user.

The highest efficiency of GMDE inverter is up to 98%, Europe Efficiency up to 97.5%, which ensures a high production. From the fourth quarter 2011 to 2014, we plan to focus on 10~20kW three-phase solar inverters, between 2012 and June 2014, we plan to focus on 1~10kW single-phase solar inverters, from 2013 to 2015, we plan to focus on micro solar inverter and DC-DC modules, and finally between 2012 and 2015, we plan to find cooperation partners to provide technical support or market resources in China PV market. The main product performance parameters will reach the world-class standards, and conform to modern technology.

GMDE Procurement Process

GMDE has a pretty well-established procurement system. We are focusing on building a strategic partnership with our suppliers for improving quality, reducing costs, lifting efficiency, ensuring supply. We want to ensure the stability of our product supply and quality by building a good raw material channel. The standard GMDE procurement process is as follows:


In the chart, between the first and second step, we evaluate our components suppliers by investigating such aspects as their corporate social responsibility and enterprise technology assessment, etc. All our components are supplied directed by the original manufacturers or the first-level agents; between the third and fourth steps, we will carry on the verification of the procurement requisition process and this will be consulted for approval by the supervisors, managers and purchasing managers. Between the fourth and fifth step, we inspect components and return the failed components to the supplied timely. These eight steps - including the three verification procedures- allows us to guarantee the best quality of our procurement.


Test Procedure

GMDE product tests ensure the stability and reliability of our products so that we can provide the best to our customers, maximizing the value of our customers. The product tests are applied to every inverter designed and produced by GMDE. For a finalized product, 136 different tests will be conducted, which ensures the quality of our products. All the tests are showing in the following chart.














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