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Echelon Utilization of Second-life EV Batteries

Commercial Energy Storage System

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GHESS Series Next Generation Storage Hybrid System (3-phase, Economic version)

GHESS 9.8-14.4-TH Storage Hybrid System

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Conforming with the latest AS4777 certification standards, has a means of connecting to DRED.

GHESS 5.2-7.2-SL Energy Storage System

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Latest News

Energy storage with second-life EV batteries opens a new era of 1RMB/WH lithium energy storage

Abstract: with the rapid growth of electric vehicles, a magnitude of power lithium batteries have been the industry opportunity, also the main way to decline the cost of user energy storage system. GMDE’s energy storage system with second-life batteries recycled from vehicle has successfully put int

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GMDE’s Presence at Energy Storage Seminar Held in August, China

GMDE will be present at the Energy Storage Seminar held at Hotel Taihu Lake in Wuxi from August 25th to 26th, 2017.  On this conference, speaker from GMDE will deliver speech about the second-life battery application in energy storage, based on what GMDE team has achieved in the past 2 years in

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Strengthened GMDE Sees You at Inter-solar Europe 2017

Intersolar Europe 2017, the most prestigious and impacted PV Fair around the globe, shall be held in New International Exhibition Center in Munich Germany from 31st May to 2nd June 2017. As the world-leading supplier for battery storage inverters and storage system solutions, GMDE will bring several

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